Saturday, September 19, 2009


"A Vision of Students Today"
By Dr. Wesch
In the video "A vision of students today" by Dr. Wesch, he shows us what it is like to be a student at this time. Dr. Wesch makes a lot of examples of how tough school is these days and how much work we really have to do because it even says that they are working 26.5 hours a day in total on different things and that they have to multi-task to get it all done. This video also shows people that if we really do have technology at our finger tips we probably wont use it for educational purposes even in class, we would go to other sites like Facebook and be side tracked on other things. One of the big things that was on the video is that the students did not even use the textbooks they bought for hundreds of dollars or read most of the assignments that the teacher gave to read and most of it did not even relate to our lives, that is probably why they did not do it because it wont help them in life. Another bad thing is that they are saying that they spend all of this money on classes and some of them do not even show up for class which is really a waste of money on their part. Technology is distracting student from learning better because they are in such big classes that the teacher will not notice so then they can just go to their favorite web page or text their friends. Clearly, technology is distracting student from doing their best in school but it is also helping them at the same time.

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