Tuesday, March 30, 2010


"Colorado Springs man strikes bicyclist in case of mistaken ID"By Keiran Nicholson (The Denver post)

In the article "Colorado Springs man strikes bicyclist in case of mistaken ID" by Keiran Nicholson, a man hits a biker because he thinks it's the theif who stole his son's bike earlier that week. A man from Colorado springs was arrested on suspicion of second-degree assault after he hit a pedestrian with his truck on a bike because he mistakenly thought it belonged to his son, since his bike was just stolen and he thought it was thief who had stole it. The article says that the driver intentionally hit the guy but he was just trying to stop him then he was going to go out and confront the thief about stealing his son's bike, after he hit the man and got out to confront him the biker punched him in the face because he thought he was going to get attacked again by the driver. The pedestrian suffered minor injuries to his leg but was treated at the scene and was let go, the driver was treated on the scene also for a face injury from the punch then arrested. This article was a good representation of why we have to look out for our selves and how there really must be crazy people out there if bikers are getting hit just to be stopped and confronted.


Usain Bolt Adopts a Cheetah"By Associated Press

In the video "Usain Bolt Adopts a Cheetah" by Associated Press, Usain Bolt travels to Kenya and adopts a cheetah from a wild animal reserve. The three time Olympic gold medalist, Usain Bolt, traveled to Kenya not too long ago for a safari. While he was on his safari he talked about seeing huge bull elephants, tigers, lions and cheetahs. He liked the cheetahs so much that when a cheetah in an animal reserve gave birth to a cub the staff members let him adopt it. The fastest man in the world just adopted the fastest animal in the world and he gave it a very fitting name, Lightning Bolt. He makes a speech to some of the staff and the governor about how great his experiences were in Kenya including the people, animals and also the safari ride. Clearly, Usain Bolt fell in love with cheetahs while in Kenya decided to adopt one while he was there.

Sunday, March 14, 2010


"Man waits 5 months to collect $200M prize"
By Associated press

In the article "Man waits 5 months to collect $200M prize" by Associated press, it talks about a man winning the lottery and waiting to tell people. On October 16th, 2009 a man in Harrisonburg Virginia won the lottery and decided not to take the full $200,000,000, because it would be over 26 years before the payments were done, but to take the cash option and receive $125,000,000 dollars. After taxes he will get around $88.9 million. He won it last year but just decided to come forward after talking to legal and financial advisers, he has decided to invest the money. He bought the ticket at a small local gas station where he let the computer pick the numbers and it was the first time he had bought a ticket in a few months. Lottery officials say that this is the second highest payout to a Virginia resident in history. Clearly, on October 16th this was a lucky man and he made the right choice to wait and tell people.


"Men's soccer tournament"
By Natavillage

In the article "Men's soccer tournament" by Natavillage, they held a soccer tournament in Africa to help raise money and help the community. In Africa Tebelopele held a soccer tournament over the 4 day weekend they had there and it was a six round knock out tournament for the community. While the tournament was going on they had a place where you could get tested for HIV/AIDS in fifteen minutes with their rapid test, in all 158 men, 122 women and 12 couples were tested for it and they educated 1362 spectators about the importance of getting tested for STD's and other acquired diseases. The winning team got 3 soccer balls and a pair of nets and all of the other teams received a soccer ball even for participating. This is a really good thing to do for the community because it gets people aware of diseases that are out there while they get to do what they love and that's play soccer with all of their friends around and even raise money and get free equipment. Clearly this was a very good idea from Tebelopele to catch awareness and help some of the people of Africa out.


"South Park Creators Build Eco-Friendly Mansion"
By The Associated Press

In the article "South Park Creators Build Eco-Friendly Mansion" by The Associated Press, it talks about how the creators of South Park made a nature house in Colorado. The creators had a house built in Steamboat Colorado where some of them could escape from their work and just go into the mountains for a while and just relax with their families or friends. This house is valued at a little less than 5 million dollars and was built in 2007. The house has a ceiling made of Fir timbers from a rail trestle over the Salt Lake and recycled carpet through out the house. It over looks Steamboat ski resort and the whole valley plus when you go outside there is even a Japanese tea house with sliding doors where the workers can go and relax by themselves and meditate or just think about things. Clearly, the makers of south park had a good idea of making this house eco-friendly and were very creative while in the process.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010


"Deer Creek School shooting victim joking, chatting"
By Karen Auge
In the article "Deer Creek School shooting victim joking, chatting" by Karen Auge, it talks about how an eighth grade student was shot in the back and has been in the hospital since the shooting. Matthew Thieu, a 14 year old student at Deer Creek, was injured in a school shooting and shot in the back. He has been in the hospital since the occurrence and he is sitting up in bed now joking and chatting with the doctors and visitors. His mom says that he is almost back to normal and is dying to get out of the hospital. One man was arrested for this so far and he was a student at Deer Creek in middle school, he is now 32 years old though. This just shows how we can never be to safe because at school you are supposed to feel safe and learn, which is hard with all of these shootings going on. Clearly, you can never take to many precautions for the student’s safety at school.


"Keystone Opens With a New Bridge"By Bob Berwyn
In the article "Keystone Opens With a New Bridge" by Bob Berwyn, he talks about how Keystone Ski resort added a new bridge at the base of the mountain near the gondolas. During the summer Keystone built a new bridge over the river at the base of the mountain and it does not sound like much but this is a huge improvement. The mountain biking there was awesome this past summer but since the bridge was not there people who were riding there had to ride about a mile on the main road that leads into Keystone. As you can tell this was pretty dangerous, but no that they have the bridge up it will be a lot safer and quicker to get back on the gondola. It would take a lot longer for skiers or snowboarders to come back on the road because there would be traffic jams and maybe even people walking. This relates to me because I got to watch the bridge get built plus I mountain biked there all summer with my team and we had to ride on that road going back to the lift a bunch of times through out the day and that was the worst part about riding there. Clearly, Keystone will be much more enjoyable for everyone since the new bridge was finished.
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