Tuesday, September 8, 2009


"The New Literacy"
Clive Thompson
In this article "The New Literacy" by Clive Thompson, it talks about how there is a new era of writing coming and it is the teens leading it. This article was saying that people think teens don't write and we are terrible at writing but we actually write more than our past generations and more than most adults because we socialize so much on the Internet. Also it says that teens write better to an audience of more than one which is usually the teacher so it isn't as exciting or anything as it is on like facebook or twitter and I don't know how teacher can change that but if they do it will probably change a lot of writing grades and scores in the schools today. Writing is kind of boring to most kids and on c-sap we get really bad topics to write about so that's why the test scores aren't very high because we are writing to one person, we have a bad topic and it doesn't count for a grade or anything so most student probably don't take it all that seriously. People are putting out articles that say teens are doing bad at school and they have bad grades and scores but this article says that we are changing the writing era forever so It cant be that bad. Clearly teens write more than most people it just about our own personal things.

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