Tuesday, November 17, 2009


"Browns would give LeBron a shot, if he is serious"
By The Associated press

In the article "Browns would give LeBron a shot, if he is serious" by The associated press, it says that if Lebron wanted to play football for the Browns they would draft him and give him a shot. There was a commercial for State Farm insurance and it showed LeBron getting drafted and holding up his new football jersey and then it showed him playing football but still having some basketball characteristics and then a man woke him up and said hurry up everyone is on the bus and it was all a dream. The Brown's coach saw this and said that if LeBron wanted to try and play in the NFL that the Browns would have a spot for him as tight end or wide receiver. Some people think that if he goes out and tries to play football he will get hurt very quick because you have to condition your body to take that kind of a beating and he would just get torn up out on the field. LeBron says he was not thinking about going to play football and that if was just a commercial he did. This matters to football because what if he was an amazing player and he went into the hall of fame or something, then people might get kind of upset since he switched from the NBA to the NFL. What would his basketball team do if he switched all of a sudden? He should not go play football because he would get hurt to easy and he is a great basketball player who can not just leave his team behind. Clearly, he will not go play for the Browns anytime soon, he is just equipped well enough.

Monday, November 16, 2009


"Golden Burglar Makes Himself at Home in Victim's Shorts"
By The Denver Post

In the article "Golden Burglar Makes Himself at Home in Victim's Shorts" by The Denver Post, they talk about how a man was found in a house by the homeowner and the burglar made him self at home. Last week a man in Golden, CO came home to a white Lexus in his garage and the things in his house were all rearranged like someone broke in but nothing was missing. The homeowner went into his bedroom and got his pistol then he went down stairs and saw another man sitting in the homeowners boxers on his couch watching TV and doing his laundry. The man was held up at gun point and confronted by the homeowner until the cops got to the house. The police reports said that the man was proabbly there all day because the laundry machine was running, he filled up the fridge with food that he bought before he broke in and there were materials for making crystal meth in the garage. The burglar got 5 charges against him and is in jail for a $50,000 bail. This matters to people because what if someone else came home to this guy but he actually hurt someone or stole some possessions from them and that you should make sure you house is safe and locked before you leave. Clearly, this man felt like making himself at home for a day in another person's home and you never know what to expect from people when you get home.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009


"Put Forth our Best Writing Selves"
By Douglas Hesse

In the article "Put Forth our Best Writing Selves" by Douglas Hesse, he talks about how texting and online chat with Twitter or Facebook may be ruining our writing skills and destroying the english language.

Monday, November 9, 2009


"South Park Creators Build Eco-Friendly Mansion"
By The Associated Press

In the article "South Park Creators Build Eco-Friendly Mansion" by The Associated Press, it talks about how the creators of South Park made a nature house in Colorado. The creators had a house built in Steamboat Colorado where some of them could escape from their work and just go into the mountains for a while and just relax with their families or friends. This house is valued at a little less than 5 million dollars and was built in 2007. The house has a ceiling made of Fir timbers from a rail trestle over the Salt Lake and recycled carpet through out the house. It over looks Steamboat ski resort and the whole valley plus when you go outside there is even a Japanese tea house with sliding doors where the workers can go and relax by themselves and meditate or just think about things. Clearly, the makers of south park had a good idea of making this house eco-friendly and were very creative while in the process.

Thursday, November 5, 2009


"Keystone Opens With a New Bridge"
By Bob Berwyn

In the article "Keystone Opens With a New Bridge" by Bob Berwyn, he talks about how Keystone Ski resort added a new bridge at the base of the mountain near the gondolas. During the summer Keystone built a new bridge over the river at the base of the mountain and it does not sound like much but this is a huge improvement. The mountain biking there was awesome this past summer but since the bridge was not there people who were riding there had to ride about a mile on the main road that leads into Keystone. As you can tell this was pretty dangerous, but no that they have the bridge up it will be a lot safer and quicker to get back on the gondola. It would take a lot longer for skiers or snowboarders to come back on the road because there would be traffic jams and maybe even people walking. This relates to me because I got to watch the bridge get built plus I mountain biked there all summer with my team and we had to ride on that road going back to the lift a bunch of times through out the day and that was the worst part about riding there. Clearly, Keystone will be much more enjoyable for everyone since the new bridge was finished.

Sunday, November 1, 2009


"Eagle County Man Injured in Summit County Avalanche"
By Tom McGhee

In the article “Eagle County Man Injured in Summit County Avalanche” by Tom McGhee, a guy was back country skiing when he triggered an avalanche and he was partially buried and injured. He was skiing down Bartlett Peak in Summit county on Saturday with a couple of friends and they were doing back country when the 19 year old man dropped in, took a couple of turns and triggered an avalanche. He was partially buried when his friends found him and they called 911 who sent a flight for life helicopter to the scene to pick him up. All three men were certified in avalanche rescue and emergencies since they were avid back country skiers. They did not release the injured man’s name or the injuries he received to the press but they did say the avalanche was 65 to 75 feet wide and 500 to 600 vertical feet up the mountain. This matters to people who ski because it just shows how prepared the men were and even the best skiers can have an accident where someone gets hurt in an avalanche because you never know when one will be triggered, and a lot of people are starting to ski now with all of this snow. Clearly, anything can happen to the most prepared people and in this case an avalanche struck and someone was injured in the process.