Thursday, April 29, 2010


"2TXT or NT2TXT?"
By Garrison Keillor

In the article "2TXT or NT2TXT?" by Garrison Keillor, it talks about men's social skills and how they are decreasing with texting. First, if a person walks down the halls and they look around they will definitely see at least 3x as much girls texting as guys. Men do seem to be starting to lose the social aspect that girls have mastered but at the same time, is that a bad thing? If men do not have as much of a social life they will talk to the people they really want to talk to and will not get caught up in all of the drama that girls have in their life. Another point in the article is the part where the author is talking about how people text and hug over texts but lose the intimacy in the middle of all of this, teens do not text like that now days. If people think that teens text like that and send hugs and abbreviate that much then they are sadly mistaken because now days teens actually do spell out more words compared to abbreviations. Clearly, this article had some good and bad points about men's social activities.


"Our boys are falling behind in education"
By Dottie Lamm

In the article "Our boys are falling behind in education" By Dottie Lamm, it tells about how boys are not doing as well as girls in school. This is a good point in some schools because it is true, but the article makes it seem like every college or university's boys are failing and the girls are the only ones succeeding, which is not true. In some colleges and universities there are more girls failing than boys but nobody focuses on that and just focuses on the boys failing which could be considered sexist by some people. The article is making lots of many good points about how girls are succeeding in the world but it does not say the accomplishments of boys in school or the world and just shows the bad, which is not fair. If the article has to keep saying that women are passing men and they are starting to get better grades plus succeed more in school and in life then, this just shows that men have always been higher up in education for the past hundred years and just now the women are coming up the ladder. Also the article says that women will not marry men because of the educational gap, which is the opinion of one person, because if a women really likes a man then they will not care about their education but for who they really are as a human. Clearly, this shows the statistics of men compared to women through education but it does not show the male side to this issue.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010


"Huge response to appliance rebate program"
By Mark Jaffe

In the article "Huge response to appliance rebate program" by Mark Jaffe, it talks about a rebate program for energy conserving appliances. There was a rebate program where if a person signed up for it then went out and bought an efficient appliance or something to save energy they would get a big rebate on the purchase. This program is called Recharge Colorado and the things you can buy while on the program range from washing machines to solar panels and the rebates are from $50 to $4500 dollars depending on what the customer buys. This is a good program to set up because not only is Colorado saving energy but people's energy bills are probably going down and their appliances will cost less. It was so popular at first that people had a 15 minute wait on the phone to sign up and give them the information. This matters to school, our community and the world because we are saving more energy. Clearly, this was a good program to put in place.

Sunday, April 18, 2010


"Secretary at Denver School Charged in Duct Taping of Boy"
By: Joey Bunch

In the article "Secretary at Denver School Charged in Duct Taping of Boy" by Joey Bunch from the Denver Post, says that a elementary school secretary duct taped a boy to make him settle down in her office. An elementary school kid was sent to the office for being disruptive in class and when he got to the office the secretary duct taped his mouth shut and his hands together so he would be under control. She is most likely going to be arrested for child abuse and some other misdemeanor charges, she will also be fired from her job at the school the principle says. The first grader's mom, Ashlye Tenner, thinks the charges are completely appropriate and she says she would not expect anything less than what they charged her with already. She should be punished like this because you do not just go around duct taping kids like this just to make them be quiet and she should have to pay the consequence of her actions so she will never do it again. Clearly, this school secretary made a bad choice by duct taping a kid to make him be quiet and she should pay for it.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010


"Downtown bomb threat ends with discovery of pants in bathroom"
By Howard Pankratz

In the article "Downtown bomb threat ends with discovery of pants in a bathroom" by Howard Pankratz, it talks about how there was a bomb threat right off of Colfax and all the bomb squad found was a pair of jeans. A bomb threat shut down a Downtown Denver building at about 9:30 am because an employee heard a ticking noise in one of the bathroom stalls. The building was evacuated after the bomb squad arrived to search for any explosives. They were in the building for about 30 mins and when the officer came out he was holding a pair of regular pants normally worn by inmates; this building was a probation office. This matters to the city because it is a bomb threat and if it is true then it would harm or affect the people of the whole state. This shows that people can never take something to serious and should always take proper precautions when something serious happens. Clearly, these people were taking proper steps to be safe even though it turned out to be fake.

Monday, April 5, 2010


"Aurora man named as casino robber"
By The Denver post

In the article "Aurora man named as casino robber" By The Denver Post, it talks about how a man was arrested this weekend for a robbery at the Black hawk casino. Randy Steven Keese, age 43, was arrested in Black hawk this weekend for a robbery at the casino. When Keese was confronted about the robbery he was in a parking garage in black hawk standing by his car, a policeman approached him and Keese allegedly pulled out a pistol and pointed it at the officer. The officer shot him and Keese is now in the hospital, he will be arrested on Tuesday on a 1 million dollar bond. Randy has also been charged with robbery, armed robbery, assault and escape. This shows that he did not learn through his previous actions and is going to have to face the consequence of his actions. This matters because of how desperate people can get for money if they really need it. During this rescission America is in there are probably more crimes being committed for money. Clearly, this was a desperate man who would do anything to make a couple extra bucks.

Tuesday, March 30, 2010


"Colorado Springs man strikes bicyclist in case of mistaken ID"By Keiran Nicholson (The Denver post)

In the article "Colorado Springs man strikes bicyclist in case of mistaken ID" by Keiran Nicholson, a man hits a biker because he thinks it's the theif who stole his son's bike earlier that week. A man from Colorado springs was arrested on suspicion of second-degree assault after he hit a pedestrian with his truck on a bike because he mistakenly thought it belonged to his son, since his bike was just stolen and he thought it was thief who had stole it. The article says that the driver intentionally hit the guy but he was just trying to stop him then he was going to go out and confront the thief about stealing his son's bike, after he hit the man and got out to confront him the biker punched him in the face because he thought he was going to get attacked again by the driver. The pedestrian suffered minor injuries to his leg but was treated at the scene and was let go, the driver was treated on the scene also for a face injury from the punch then arrested. This article was a good representation of why we have to look out for our selves and how there really must be crazy people out there if bikers are getting hit just to be stopped and confronted.