Wednesday, September 30, 2009


"2020 vision"
By Karl Fisch
In the video "2020 Vision" by Karl Fisch, he talks about how technology and education will change dramatically. This matters to education and students because of they way we might start learning in the future and the way technology will work in school. Teachers would have to change the way they teach and the school might have to find different staff members if they were better suited with technology and could use it better. This video also relates to Mr. Fisch's video "Did you know" because they are both about how technology and the world around us will change very rapidly, and it also relates to "A vision of students today" by Dr. Wesch, because of how the students are learning and how they have laptops but they are not doing school work on them. It was surprising how he could predict these things and some of them have already come true since he made this video a couple of years ago. Clearly, the world is going to change for the better and even not so good at the same time, we just have to know when so we can change with it and adapt.

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