Monday, September 14, 2009


"Making it your own"
In "Making it your own" by, it talks about how you should make your bike your own when you get it and make it special to you. They were saying that no matter what you have to do you should make your new bike unique to you. When you get your new mountain bike it is all the same as every other model of your new bike and you should put some stickers on it, put different or your parts on it and change it up a little bit and adjust everything for you, then it is like nobody else's bike in America. It also says that when you ride it and you get scratches on your bike then it gives it even more of a personality because ever single scratch has a story behind it no matter how good the story is. This article relates to me because i mountain bike a lot and i have had some scratches on my bikes that actually did have a good story behind them. All in all you should make your things special to you and unique to you pretty much no matter what you have to do.

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