Tuesday, January 26, 2010


"Jaywalker struck, killed in Lakewood"
By Howard Pankratz

In the article "Jaywalker struck, killed in Lakewood" by Howard Pankratz, it talks about how a women was hit by a truck and killed crossing the street on Sunday. A middle aged women was crossing a street and jaywalking when she got about half way across and was struck by a Toyota Tacoma on Sunday. When they paramedics got there she was pronounced dead on the scene. There were two cars involved and the driver of the Tacoma said that she stepped out in front of him and he hit here into another car waiting to turn left. This matters because I see teens my age jaywalking all of the time either at school or just on the weekends with friends and people should be more careful of where they cross because she would most likely still be alive if she went out of her way by a couple minutes and used a cross walk. Clearly, crosswalks were put there for a reason and they should be used whenever you are crossing the street.

Sunday, January 24, 2010


"Laptops are a waste of time and money"

Computers are definitely not a waste of time or money because they are very useful in the class room and can help the students with almost anything. Sure having a computer for every kid in the class can get very expensive but if you use those computers for years to come then they will be paid off by the school. Students who use computers get to learn like no other generation has because the laptops are getting more affordable and you get to learn much more if you are focusing on a topic. You have an infinite amount of information at your finger tips.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010


"RTD bus runs light, hits three cars"
By Howard Pankratz

In the article "RTD bus runs light, hits three cars" by Howard Pankratz, it talked about how a bus driver ran a red light and hit a few other motorists putting them in the hospital. Today on the corner of Florida ave. and Sheridan blvd. a bus driver sped through a red light hitting three cars and sending three passengers to the hospital, they said non of the injuries seemed to be life threatening ones and that the victims would be there only over night. The driver of the bus claimed that there were technical difficulties and that the brakes went out before the light, Nobody on the bus was injured during this but they are still investigating on how it really happened. This matters to the whole community because someone could have gotten seriously injured during this especially if there was a pedestrian in the cross walk. One of the comments below the article said that another person was riding the same exact bus a few weeks before and the driver fell asleep at a red light, the passengers had to scream at the driver to wake them up! Clearly, you never know where to watch your back because even the best drivers can have an accident and we should pay attention at the stop lights better.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010


Change The World Topic PLN

An injustice I picked when we were asked to think about it was, how under paid policemen and fire fighters are paid for what they do. Fire fighters are paid around 50,000 dollars a year and police are paid about 30,000 dollars. They should be paid much more because of what they do for the community and how they risk their lives everyday just to save other people or keep people from getting in trouble. While athletes are paid millions of dollars every year just to entertain people while the workers and heroes of the community are saving lives everyday and are not getting paid even close to what the entertainers are. If there was a lot of crime or people dieing or homes getting burned down in fires there would be nobody to entertain in the long run. People kind of take cops and fire fighters for granted because they are just always there to do the job and nobody thinks twice about it except the people's houses that get saved and lives that get saved. Clearly, police and firemen are undermined in the community and cities and need more rewards and yearly earnings.