Tuesday, September 8, 2009


"The Machines are Using Us"
Dr. Wesch
In the video "The Machines are Using Us" by Dr. Wesch, he talks about how the Internet is changing and how we can move text all over the place very easily. This video is showing us how easy it is to move digital text from anywhere to pretty much anywhere else in a couple seconds and this matters to everyone because of how easy it is getting to communicate on the Internet and how people can steal what you say or put on the Internet. This matters to us students because we can put things on the Internet and have our teachers see it from there but one of our other classmates or at a kid at a different school could just right click and copy everything we have. This is changing education because now you see and hear more about courses online rather than in class rooms and you just post your stuff to your teachers web page and they grade it from there. Mr. Fisch's video had more examples and was easier to follow but they kind of said some of the same things in general about the Internet but Mr. Fisch went above and beyond the Internet and into how the world is changing and what we are starting to do or are doing. Clearly the Internet is starting to take over how we think about computers and machines and is changing the world around us.

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