Thursday, April 29, 2010


"Our boys are falling behind in education"
By Dottie Lamm

In the article "Our boys are falling behind in education" By Dottie Lamm, it tells about how boys are not doing as well as girls in school. This is a good point in some schools because it is true, but the article makes it seem like every college or university's boys are failing and the girls are the only ones succeeding, which is not true. In some colleges and universities there are more girls failing than boys but nobody focuses on that and just focuses on the boys failing which could be considered sexist by some people. The article is making lots of many good points about how girls are succeeding in the world but it does not say the accomplishments of boys in school or the world and just shows the bad, which is not fair. If the article has to keep saying that women are passing men and they are starting to get better grades plus succeed more in school and in life then, this just shows that men have always been higher up in education for the past hundred years and just now the women are coming up the ladder. Also the article says that women will not marry men because of the educational gap, which is the opinion of one person, because if a women really likes a man then they will not care about their education but for who they really are as a human. Clearly, this shows the statistics of men compared to women through education but it does not show the male side to this issue.

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