Wednesday, April 21, 2010


"Huge response to appliance rebate program"
By Mark Jaffe

In the article "Huge response to appliance rebate program" by Mark Jaffe, it talks about a rebate program for energy conserving appliances. There was a rebate program where if a person signed up for it then went out and bought an efficient appliance or something to save energy they would get a big rebate on the purchase. This program is called Recharge Colorado and the things you can buy while on the program range from washing machines to solar panels and the rebates are from $50 to $4500 dollars depending on what the customer buys. This is a good program to set up because not only is Colorado saving energy but people's energy bills are probably going down and their appliances will cost less. It was so popular at first that people had a 15 minute wait on the phone to sign up and give them the information. This matters to school, our community and the world because we are saving more energy. Clearly, this was a good program to put in place.