Thursday, April 29, 2010


"2TXT or NT2TXT?"
By Garrison Keillor

In the article "2TXT or NT2TXT?" by Garrison Keillor, it talks about men's social skills and how they are decreasing with texting. First, if a person walks down the halls and they look around they will definitely see at least 3x as much girls texting as guys. Men do seem to be starting to lose the social aspect that girls have mastered but at the same time, is that a bad thing? If men do not have as much of a social life they will talk to the people they really want to talk to and will not get caught up in all of the drama that girls have in their life. Another point in the article is the part where the author is talking about how people text and hug over texts but lose the intimacy in the middle of all of this, teens do not text like that now days. If people think that teens text like that and send hugs and abbreviate that much then they are sadly mistaken because now days teens actually do spell out more words compared to abbreviations. Clearly, this article had some good and bad points about men's social activities.

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