Tuesday, November 17, 2009


"Browns would give LeBron a shot, if he is serious"
By The Associated press

In the article "Browns would give LeBron a shot, if he is serious" by The associated press, it says that if Lebron wanted to play football for the Browns they would draft him and give him a shot. There was a commercial for State Farm insurance and it showed LeBron getting drafted and holding up his new football jersey and then it showed him playing football but still having some basketball characteristics and then a man woke him up and said hurry up everyone is on the bus and it was all a dream. The Brown's coach saw this and said that if LeBron wanted to try and play in the NFL that the Browns would have a spot for him as tight end or wide receiver. Some people think that if he goes out and tries to play football he will get hurt very quick because you have to condition your body to take that kind of a beating and he would just get torn up out on the field. LeBron says he was not thinking about going to play football and that if was just a commercial he did. This matters to football because what if he was an amazing player and he went into the hall of fame or something, then people might get kind of upset since he switched from the NBA to the NFL. What would his basketball team do if he switched all of a sudden? He should not go play football because he would get hurt to easy and he is a great basketball player who can not just leave his team behind. Clearly, he will not go play for the Browns anytime soon, he is just equipped well enough.

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