Sunday, November 1, 2009


"Eagle County Man Injured in Summit County Avalanche"
By Tom McGhee

In the article “Eagle County Man Injured in Summit County Avalanche” by Tom McGhee, a guy was back country skiing when he triggered an avalanche and he was partially buried and injured. He was skiing down Bartlett Peak in Summit county on Saturday with a couple of friends and they were doing back country when the 19 year old man dropped in, took a couple of turns and triggered an avalanche. He was partially buried when his friends found him and they called 911 who sent a flight for life helicopter to the scene to pick him up. All three men were certified in avalanche rescue and emergencies since they were avid back country skiers. They did not release the injured man’s name or the injuries he received to the press but they did say the avalanche was 65 to 75 feet wide and 500 to 600 vertical feet up the mountain. This matters to people who ski because it just shows how prepared the men were and even the best skiers can have an accident where someone gets hurt in an avalanche because you never know when one will be triggered, and a lot of people are starting to ski now with all of this snow. Clearly, anything can happen to the most prepared people and in this case an avalanche struck and someone was injured in the process.

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  1. Great synopsis. It's so important to be prepared isn't it? As you said, these men were certified in avalanche rescue and emergencies (most likely first aid). The mostly likely saved the man who was injured. What do you think are others aspects in life that we should always be prepared for?