Monday, November 16, 2009


"Golden Burglar Makes Himself at Home in Victim's Shorts"
By The Denver Post

In the article "Golden Burglar Makes Himself at Home in Victim's Shorts" by The Denver Post, they talk about how a man was found in a house by the homeowner and the burglar made him self at home. Last week a man in Golden, CO came home to a white Lexus in his garage and the things in his house were all rearranged like someone broke in but nothing was missing. The homeowner went into his bedroom and got his pistol then he went down stairs and saw another man sitting in the homeowners boxers on his couch watching TV and doing his laundry. The man was held up at gun point and confronted by the homeowner until the cops got to the house. The police reports said that the man was proabbly there all day because the laundry machine was running, he filled up the fridge with food that he bought before he broke in and there were materials for making crystal meth in the garage. The burglar got 5 charges against him and is in jail for a $50,000 bail. This matters to people because what if someone else came home to this guy but he actually hurt someone or stole some possessions from them and that you should make sure you house is safe and locked before you leave. Clearly, this man felt like making himself at home for a day in another person's home and you never know what to expect from people when you get home.


  1. That's an insane situation! It's lucky that nobody was injured. Very interesting article. Nice post, Josh.

  2. This has always been a fear of mine. To catch a burglar who is still inside your house would be terrifying! It's strange how it seems as if these people don't care if they get caught.