Monday, October 26, 2009


"Prosecutors want more Details in Balloon Boy Case"
By: The Associated Press (Denver Post)

In the article "Prosecutors want more Details in Balloon Boy Case” by The Associated Press (Denver Post), they are still trying to decide if the Heene family made a false emergency report or not but they need more evidence. This matters to people in Denver because everyone was scared that the boy, Falcon, was stuck in a balloon that the family made as a backyard experiment and people started looking for him. Even the police and fire stations went out to try and track down the balloon for the family but when they got it there was no boy in it and he was upstairs in the attic at the house. If they are prosecuted they will face plenty of charges including: making a false emergency report and lying to a police officer. When the boy asked why he did it he simply said he did it for the show. Investigators still have not figured out why he said this but they think it is because the family thought they were going to get a TV show out of this whole story so they could go travel and shoot the show. Clearly, the family made this false report on purpose because they knew the measurements of the balloon would not hold a person and the kid even came out and said he did it for the show so he did not even know he was not supposed to say that.

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  1. Yes it is an interesting situation. What do you think should happen? Do you think that the family should be fined?