Tuesday, October 6, 2009


"Keyboard vs Pen"
By 21st Century Learning

In the article "Keyboard vs Pen" by 21st Century Learning, they wanted to find out which method of writing worked better typing or pen and paper. While I was reading the article I was trying to decide which method I liked better, writing with a pen and paper or on the computer, and I decided it is a lot easier to write on the computer for me because I can just put down a bunch of ideas and delete them if I need to but I could not do that with a pen and paper. It is just a lot easier for me to get it looking like A quality work on the computer since I have all of this technology and it will spell check it and I can edit my work without erasing all the time and having to get new paper and start over which also makes me want to write it longer than I would with a pen because typing does not start to hurt your hand and wrist if you write as much as you would with a pencil and about the quality of writing you do or how good of a writer you are really does not depend on what materials you use. Clearly, I like writing with technology more than on paper but it also really depends on what you like better and what is easier for you.


  1. Hey Josh I'm Dan (your mentor). I'm not sure if I agree with you fully on this. What's the most important part of writing? Format, spelling? Or is it content and thoughts? (The second choice is the answer!) Which do you think produces a more quality paper/essay: the pen or the keyboard?

  2. Hi, I'm your other mentor, Danielle. Which is better to focus your thoughts? Computers have games and the internet, but with paper, it's only your brain and the pen. I agree that writing page after page can irritate your wrist, but typing can also. As Dan mentioned, you want to focus on the quality of the work. Which is easier to focus your thoughts?

  3. Hey guys I get what you trying to say and I think that if you can write those ideas on paper with pen you should be able to say the same thing on the computer but you can change your ideas a lot easier wouldn't you think?