Tuesday, October 20, 2009

PLN 15

"Wondering About Writing Conferences"
By Anne smith

In the article “Wondering About Writing Conferences” by Anne Smith, she talks about what writing conferences are and if they are useful. A writing conference is when the teacher meets with the student to go over some of their writing together so the student can really get to know what they are doing right and wrong in their pieces, instead of just getting a graded and corrected essay from the teacher and just throwing it into their backpack and never seeing it again. She wanted to know if the students thought it was more useful to do a pre conference or post conference for the initial conference and if they thought it would be good to write an initial writing piece or not. It is better to write an initial piece because then you know where you stand in writing before the year even starts and when the paper comes back it will seem like it is not good at all because the student will have learned the correct way to write it by then and probably be really surprised. There should be a pre writing assignment at the beginning of the year and a post one at the end of the year, then there would be a writing conference and the teacher and student can compare the two and see you much they progressed as a writer over the year. Clearly, these writing conferences are very useful to the teacher and student in seeing where they stand when they write a paragraph or essay.

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  1. I agree. I did something like this in grade 12. My English teacher had us write an essay at the beginning of the year to see where our abilities were, and then at the end of the year we wrote another one to see how much we had improved. It's a really good idea. Have you ever thought about talking with a teacher before your essay or assignment is due too? Getting feedback before you have to hand a paper in is also a great idea in order to boost your marks and learn more.