Sunday, March 14, 2010


"Man waits 5 months to collect $200M prize"
By Associated press

In the article "Man waits 5 months to collect $200M prize" by Associated press, it talks about a man winning the lottery and waiting to tell people. On October 16th, 2009 a man in Harrisonburg Virginia won the lottery and decided not to take the full $200,000,000, because it would be over 26 years before the payments were done, but to take the cash option and receive $125,000,000 dollars. After taxes he will get around $88.9 million. He won it last year but just decided to come forward after talking to legal and financial advisers, he has decided to invest the money. He bought the ticket at a small local gas station where he let the computer pick the numbers and it was the first time he had bought a ticket in a few months. Lottery officials say that this is the second highest payout to a Virginia resident in history. Clearly, on October 16th this was a lucky man and he made the right choice to wait and tell people.

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