Sunday, March 14, 2010


"South Park Creators Build Eco-Friendly Mansion"
By The Associated Press

In the article "South Park Creators Build Eco-Friendly Mansion" by The Associated Press, it talks about how the creators of South Park made a nature house in Colorado. The creators had a house built in Steamboat Colorado where some of them could escape from their work and just go into the mountains for a while and just relax with their families or friends. This house is valued at a little less than 5 million dollars and was built in 2007. The house has a ceiling made of Fir timbers from a rail trestle over the Salt Lake and recycled carpet through out the house. It over looks Steamboat ski resort and the whole valley plus when you go outside there is even a Japanese tea house with sliding doors where the workers can go and relax by themselves and meditate or just think about things. Clearly, the makers of south park had a good idea of making this house eco-friendly and were very creative while in the process.

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