Tuesday, January 26, 2010


"Jaywalker struck, killed in Lakewood"
By Howard Pankratz

In the article "Jaywalker struck, killed in Lakewood" by Howard Pankratz, it talks about how a women was hit by a truck and killed crossing the street on Sunday. A middle aged women was crossing a street and jaywalking when she got about half way across and was struck by a Toyota Tacoma on Sunday. When they paramedics got there she was pronounced dead on the scene. There were two cars involved and the driver of the Tacoma said that she stepped out in front of him and he hit here into another car waiting to turn left. This matters because I see teens my age jaywalking all of the time either at school or just on the weekends with friends and people should be more careful of where they cross because she would most likely still be alive if she went out of her way by a couple minutes and used a cross walk. Clearly, crosswalks were put there for a reason and they should be used whenever you are crossing the street.

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