Wednesday, January 20, 2010


"RTD bus runs light, hits three cars"
By Howard Pankratz

In the article "RTD bus runs light, hits three cars" by Howard Pankratz, it talked about how a bus driver ran a red light and hit a few other motorists putting them in the hospital. Today on the corner of Florida ave. and Sheridan blvd. a bus driver sped through a red light hitting three cars and sending three passengers to the hospital, they said non of the injuries seemed to be life threatening ones and that the victims would be there only over night. The driver of the bus claimed that there were technical difficulties and that the brakes went out before the light, Nobody on the bus was injured during this but they are still investigating on how it really happened. This matters to the whole community because someone could have gotten seriously injured during this especially if there was a pedestrian in the cross walk. One of the comments below the article said that another person was riding the same exact bus a few weeks before and the driver fell asleep at a red light, the passengers had to scream at the driver to wake them up! Clearly, you never know where to watch your back because even the best drivers can have an accident and we should pay attention at the stop lights better.

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