Monday, August 31, 2009


Gender Articles
By Tamar Lewin and Denver post editorials
In the article "Women raise bar at colleges" By Tamar Lewin, it says that guys in schools are starting not to do as well because the girls are starting to raise the standards and expectations, the guys just cant compare as well in test scores and grades. This article says that the guys are more social then the girls when it comes to school. The guys go to more parties and hang out with friends than studying for tests and exams which means they will get lower grades and not graduate as much. Guys need to start pulling more of their own weight in school because girls will be stealing most of the jobs if they are the ones with an education and have a reputable background from college and high school. This is starting to get out of hand if the colleges need to start accepting more guys into their schools than girls just to even out the graduating class so the guys and girls are about even, than this is getting to be a pretty big issue. In "Quiet gender gap hits collegiate balance" from the Denver post editorials, guys aren't just starting to fail in colleges more, but also high school. Guys and girls are different kinds of learners and if the schools starts helping guys bring their grades and test scores up by changing the curriculum then the girls might start not as well and then they might change it to help the girls which in return will mess up the guys again, so they should just have one curriculum that accompanies some of both learning styles and the other sex would have to adapt to some other learning styles also. Clearly, guys have to start stepping up and taking more responsibilities for school or else it might be too late the girls will have taken over most of the jobs and schools all around the country.

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