Tuesday, February 9, 2010


"Extreme makeover Nata Village"
By The Nata Village blog

In the article "Extreme makeover Nata Village" by the Nata Village blog, it talks about how volunteers constructed a house for a family. In the Nata Village the winters are cold and harsh and the summers are very hot, a family in Nata was living in a makeshift tent built by the mother through all of this. The volunteers built the family a two bedroom house, for the family, with opening and closing windows plus the whole house was made out of brick which should keep the family warm. This was a really great thing to do for the family because of the hard times they were probably going through and it might have been tough on them physically and mentally. They also made two food baskets for the family so they would not go hungry for a while. This was a good way to help people in Nata and people every where should follow in their footsteps to lead by example.

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