Wednesday, December 9, 2009


"Dangerously cold weather keeps icy grip on Colorado"
By Kieran Nicholson

In the article "Dangerously cold weather keeps icy grip on Colorado" by Kieran Nicholson, it talks about how the cold weather is affecting people in Colorado and how we are almost cold enough to break the record. Over these past couple days the lowest the temperature has gotten was to -16 degrees without the wind chill put into consideration. The record low for this week was - 20 degrees in the year 1919, and the average temperature over the years has been somewhere between 45 and 17 degrees. People say they are having car problems in this cold weather because sometimes their cars just do not start in the morning, so that might make them late to work or wherever they are headed. Another thing that is being affected by the cold is people's electronics because one person said they left their Ipod in the car over night and that night it dropped below negative fifteen degrees! When the person got to their car in the morning their Ipod was too frozen to work and to this day has not been able to be turned on. Clearly, there has been some cold weather in Colorado over the past week and people are being effected by this in many different ways.

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